of the best in China. Celebrities, drugs, beautiful women-they had everything. And it was those parties that had propelled her into the circles of China’s rich

As a living organism, the Federal Government’s number one job was self-preservation. Any threat to its existence had to be dealt with.

Department of Homeland Security. “Each one of them is mid- to upper-level management in their agencies.

Carlton signaled and merged into a faster-moving lane. “Jacobson gave us his file with everything on the

Do not fear failure. Do more than is required of you. Make your plans fit the circumstances. There is only one type of discipline-perfect discipline.

The truth was, when it came to Islam, it had been violent since its inception. Its clearly stated goal was worldwide conquest. It was a mandate handed down in all of its religious texts. And while Harvath believed there were peaceful and moderate Muslims, he knew from studying the religion that there was no such thing as peaceful and moderate Islam.

hunt you down and kill you myself. Chapter 18 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA The call from Philippe Roussard’s handler came in the middle of the night. “Do you have everything in place?

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