That’s the way it is with our Father in Heaven. When you became a son or a daughter, when you were adopted into His family, He opened up for you through His Son’s death on the cross a way of fellowship and relationship that makes it possible for you to bypass the temple and its animal sacrifices. You don’t have to talk to God through a priest. You can go right into the presence of God Almighty and He will hear you.

Things run along pretty smoothly until your kid reaches thirteen. That’s the time you need to stick ’em in a barrel, hammer the lid down nice and snug, and feed ’em through the knothole. And then, about the time he turns sixteen, plug up the knothole!2

The Bible assures us that a morning will dawn bright and glorious someday. All the sorrow and sadness and difficulty we’ve known in the darkened skies of life will vanish. The Lord will return for us at the daybreak of eternity, and there will be no more weeping, no more pain or suffering, no more broken hearts. There will be no more valleys plunging away from the peaks. He will dry every tear, and there will be joy in that great morning.

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