Human nature, gentleman. It is original sin that leads men to misfortune, every time. I am a speculator in the market, gentlemen, and that is part of God’s plan. Men only learn through suffering. So I punish human weakness, and God rewards me.

And in busy London there now grew up one of the greatest gifts that the English genius was to leave the world. For in the reign of Elizabeth I began the first and greatest flowering of the glorious English theatre.

Novelists liked to imagine the interconnectedness of things-as though all the people in the big city were part of some great organism, their lives intertwined. He

Don’t you know that there’s another bubble as well An expectations bubble. Bigger houses private planes yachts …… stupid salaries and bonuses. People come to desire these things and expect them. But the expectations bubble will burst as well as all bubbles do.
Come to my gallery and I will sell you beautiful things at a more reasonable price. But the point is that they will have value. Things of real beauty things of the spirit.

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