Not every end is the goal. The end of a melody is not its goal; and yet: as long as the melody has not reached its end, it also hasn’t reached its goal. A parable.

Qualities.-Our strong points sometimes drive us so far forward that we cannot any longer endure our weaknesses, and we perish by them: we also perhaps see this result beforehand, but nevertheless do not want it to be otherwise.

There is great advantage to be gained in distantly estranging ourselves from our age and for once being driven as it were away from its shores back on to the ocean of the world-outlooks of the past. Looking back at the coast from this distance we command a view, no doubt for the first time, of its total configuration, and when we approach it again we have the advantage of understanding it better as a whole than those who have never left it.

Men arbeidt nog, want arbeid is een vermaak. Maar men zorgt, dat het vermaak niet aangrijpt. Men wordt niet meer arm en rijk: beide zijn te bezwaarlijk. Wie wil nog regeren? Wie gehoorzamen? Beide zijn te bezwaarlijk. Geen herder en ene kudde! Ieder wil hetzelfde, ieder is gelijk: wie anders voelt, gaat vrijwillig in het gekkenhuis.

kepuasan diri melindungi orang bahkan dari terkena pilek. pernahkah seorang perempuan yang tahu bahwa ia berpakaian pantas terkena pilek? saya asumsikan dia hampir tidak berpakaian samasekali

The anthropological criminologists tell us that the typical criminal is ugly: monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo [monstrous in appearance, monstrous in spirit].

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