The chance emergence of the was nothing. Remember this. But its persistence and patient accumulation of stature were everything. Only by relentless effort did it establish its right to exist.

A young boy who has not fallen desperately in love has missed getting started in the world of feeling. At any age love is wrong only if it means nothing… You must be the criterion of any love…There’s only one test… Does the love you feel make you a bigger and a stronger person?… (I)f any love makes you stronger and more determined to share, then it’s much finer than most people ever attain.

government is very lax. None of their people want the hassle, so the old folks keep driving until you read about it in the paper:

I am sure old men forget what it was to be young and to be wholly in love. Not even I can remember those breathless moments. That’s why they give old men important jobs and big salaries and orchestras to lead. To pay us back for the terrible loss we have sustained.

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