But from the way she was looking at me now, I began to think that perhaps that had been a mistake. Human relationships, especially the whole Being Married Thing, were foreign territory for me. It was clear I should have called to say I would be late-but could the consequences really be this calamitous? Was

Kraunauer was waiting for me, standing next to the same young and serious agent who had brought us up. “I’m beginning to believe,

He had been counting coup on me, that ancient game of the Plains Indians. It was the ultimate insult if you were a Lakota, a failure of manhood so shameful it could actually end a warrior’s life when it happened, to be touched by an enemy while you stood helpless-but I was not a Native American.

And, unfortunately for all concerned-except possibly the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover, who must have been hovering protectively in a spectral house frock-sitting next to Chambers was Special Agent Brenda Recht.

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