Dude,” I said, making the word a disgusted sound. “Single guys everywhere hate you. Starting with me.

It always shocked me how you could understand so many things and be such a complete idiot about so many others.

The energy of night was far different than that of the daylight-not inherently evil, but wilder, more dangerous, more unpredictable.

It has become a custom among the Legions to promise one’s fellows that no matter what happens, they will never lie cold upon the earth.

wolf’s fur was speckled with drops of blood that had beaded on it like rain. The gravel in the alley shone in the half-light from the distant street lamps. The wolf’s muzzle, a little shorter and broader than I had seen on Wild Kingdom, was drawn back, black lips from fangs striped white and red like peppermints. Its eyes were blue, rather than any proper lupine shade, and gleamed with a sort of demented awareness.

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