McCandless was stirred by the austerity of the landscape, by its saline beauty. The desert sharpened the sweet ache of his longing, amplified it, gave shape to it, in sere geology and clean slant of light.

It may, after all, be the bad habit of creative talents to invest themselves in pathological extremes that yield remarkable insights but no durable way of life for those who cannot translate their psychic wounds into significant art or thought. THEODORE ROSZAK, “IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS

The courtroom oath–“to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”–is applicable only to witnesses. Defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges don’t take this oath–they couldn’t! Indeed, it is fair to say the American justice system is built on the foundation of not telling the whole truth. It is the job of the defense attorney–especially when representing the guilty–to prevent, by all lawful means, the “whole truth” from coming out.

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