Galileo did not want to agree. He never wanted to agree; agreeing was something other people did, with him, after they had disagreed.

Anyway that’s a large part of what economics is-peo-ple arbitrarily, or as a matter of taste, assigning numerical values to non-numerical things. And then pretending that they haven’t just made the numbers up, which they have. Economics is like astrology in that sense, except that economics serves to justify the current power structure, and so it has a lot of fervent believers among the powerful.

To get what you want, get what you need. When the fire is hot enough, there is no smoke. No fear when in your place. Do not allow anger to poison you. Each person is his own judge. It is not good for anyone to be alone. Everyone who does well must have dreamed something. The one who tells the stories rules the world.

Money equals power; power makes the law; and law makes government. So that the national governments in trying to restrain the transnats were like the Lilliputians trying to tie down Gulliver.

He saw that they were all working together at the first step of the species’ break from the home world, and he understood that if the first step were taken successfully, with balance, they could run from star to star all across the night.

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