Is there anything else you haven’t told me?”
My head spun. So much had happened and we still needed to stop a powerful magician. Death was a real possibility. I needed Valek to know how I felt.
“I love you”
Valek wrapped me in his arms. “My love has been yours since the fire festival. If those goons had killed you, I knew then that I would never be the same. I didn’t want or expect this. But I couldn’t resist you.

Your fear remains strong. You are not ready to face your story, preferring instead to surround yourself with knots. Someday, they will strangle you.

Why did Mother ask you to help me rescue Gelsi?” I asked Leif.
“She thought I could assist you in some way. Instead, I had tried to-“
“Kill me? You can join the ‘I Want to Kill Yelena Guild.’ I hear they have six
members in good standing.
Valek is president since he had wanted to kill me twice.”
–Yelena to Leif