What do you like most about being here?”
“The quiet. When I’m here, no one asks me questions or asks me to do stuff. I can sit here and think.

if a woman truly loves you, you can’t always expect her to tell the truth. You see, women are more attuned to feelings than men are, and if they’re not being truthful, more often than not it’s because they think the truth might hurt your feelings. But it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

You are
the answer to every prayer I’ve offered. You are a song, a dream, a
whisper, and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as
long as I have. I love you, Allie, more than you can ever imagine, I
always have and I always will.

I know. You could never hid anything. Your eyes always gave you away. You had the most wonderful eyes I’d ever seen.” She lifted her head from his shoulder and looked discretely at him. When she spoke, her voice was barely above a whisper. “I think I loved you more that summer than I ever loved anyone.

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