I thought I was pretty damn clever. She said that was all right, she’d make three wishes. The first was that I wouldn’t piss this money away being an idiot and forgetting I had

He heard a woman call out for her children in the flat accent that said States to him, East Coast, North. And seemed so out of place here. Did his voice have that same slightly-out-of-tune sound to it? Here voices should lilt and flow and have old music under each word.

Justin turned to give her one of his cool, unsmiling looks. Butterflies fluttered in her throat. She’d be very careful, Serena decided, as if she were walking through a minefield.
“What are you thinking?”
“About bombs,” she answered blandly, “deadly camoflaged bombs.” She gave him a quick,innocent grin. “Are we going to eat soon? I’m starving.

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