That’s coral!” she cried in astonishment. “We must be down in the deeps of the sea!”
Well, wasn’t that what you wanted?” said the trout. “I thought you wished you could see the sea!”
I did,” said Jane, looking very surprised. “But I never expected the wish to come true.”
Great oceans! Why bother to wish it then? I call that simply a waste of time. But come on! Mustn’t be late for the party!

This is the way the wheel turns, coming at last to full circle, with wild as well as tame at he crib; lion and turtle-dove together an barnyard beasts lying down with the fox. For wild and tame are but two hlaves and here, where all begins and ends, everything must be whole.
And always, among the sleepers, there must be somebody waking – somewhere, someone, waking and watchful. Or what would happen to the world..?