Still hiding, Cupid said, smashing another skeleton to pieces. You do not have the strength.

“Nico,” Jason managed to say, “it’s okay. I get it.”

Nico glanced over, pain and misery washing across his face.

“No you don’t,” he said. “There’s no way you can understand.”

And so you run away again, Cupid chided. From your friends, from yourself.

We’re on the enemy’s doorstep. We’re being asked to split up. Isn’t that how people get killed in horror movies?

She’s touching me, George complained as he and Martha slithered around the pole.
‘She’s always touching you,’ Hermes said. ‘You are intertwined. And if you don’t stop that, you’ll get knotted again!

I will not have them punished,” Artemis said. “I will have them rewarded. If we destroy heroes who do us a great favor, then we are no better than the Titans. If this is Olympian justice, I will have none of it.”

Calm down, sis,” Apollo said. “Jeez, you need to lighten up.”

Don’t call me sis! I will reward them.

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