Sometimes it seemed to him that the house had a bad wild life of its own; the impression of its evil lingered, in its name, in its atmosphere…

Harriet told her, ‘Captain John was so brave. He stayed there in the battle until his leg was shot off.’ Victoria’s brown eyes rested thoughtfully on Captain John. “Why didn’t he stay until the other leg was shot off?’ she asked. But he still seemed to like Victoria best.

When I was a child I remember days that stretched into infinity with the certainty of other infinite days; certain, unhurried and brimmingly full.

Why do religions have edges?” asked Teresa….
“God is here,” said the printed text on the wall. “Yes,” said Sophie. “But,” she asked, “isn’t He everywhere? Then why do they make Him little?” And she thought of those edges, pressing against each other, hurting, jarring, offending, barring one human being from another, shutting away their understanding and their souls.
Yet if you have no edges, thought Sophie, how lonely, how drifting, you must consent to be.

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