I haven’t fought with anyone else in over two thousand years. (Kyrian)
Well, you’re never too old to learn. (Amanda)
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. (Kyrian)
There’s no time like the present. (Amanda)
Time is of the essence. (Kyrian)
God helps those who help themselves. (Amanda)
You’re not going to let me win this, are you? (Kyrian)

Vane looked back at her one last time, knowing he would never see her again. She was so beautiful there with large, amber eyes set in the pale face of a goddess. There was something about her that reminded him of a Rubens angel. She was ethereal and lovely. And far too fragile for an animal.” – Vane

I won’t forgive I won’t forget. Let hell open and rain my wrath down on them all. I will not be stopped and I have no mercy left inside me. I am death and I revel in the killings of my enemies. Bring me them all until I’m drunk on their blood.

Val’s answer was as out of character for him as his presence here. “I don’t know nothing about birthing puppies, Miss Scarlett, but I can cleave the head off a Daimon without breaking a sweat.

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