He did his best to ignore the soft curves under his hands as he slid them over the rough leather of her battlesuit, and located weapon after weapon. Damn, it was like disarming The League … Or him. Focus

Relax, you’re in good hands. Tabby won’t hurt you. (Acheron)
She stabbed me! (Valerius)
Damn, I told her not to stab any more Hunters. I hate it when she does that. (Acheron)
You hate it?! I’m the one with the festering wound. (Valerius)
Really? I’ve never known a Dark-Hunter to have a festering wound before. At least not externally. (Acheron)

Yes, he’s a good boy. Never been in trouble at school and he’s on the honor roll. Captain of the football team. All-around psycho serial killer who hides bodies in the fridge whenever his parents go out of town. (Nick)
I also eat babies for breakfast and torture small animals for fun. My therapist says I’m making real progress though. (Caleb)

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