Are you a political prisoner, Dooley?”
Her blue eyes, immense now in her gaunt face, turned a pitying gaze on the reporter who’d asked her this. “Yes,” she said. “And so are you.

I did not yet know that, contrary to youth’s sense of itself as tolerant, freethinking, and egalitarian, it is more often stubbornly critical and judgmental, priggish and snobbish. I would find these faults much later (glaring) in my son and daughter and their friends. But at that age myself, I did not see how we truly were, nor did I put together that these faults were often worst in those with the strongest political opinions.

That there could be something in the world that a woman could want more than children has been viewed as unacceptable. Things may be marginally different now, but, even if there is something she wants more than children, that is no reason for a woman to remain childless. Any normal woman, it is understood, wants-and should want-both.