The day I start hanging out with that bunch of half-starved mix-n-match sluts will be the day I crawl up my own ass and die!

In a brief court proceeding in 1966 the boy’s mother had her son declared legally dead so she could enter into possession of Edward Corcoran’s savings account. The account contained a sum of sixteen dollars.

She suddenly realized she was sitting in an apartment by herself late at night, eating an apple and watching a movie on TV that she cared nothing about, and doing it all because it was easier than thinking, thinking was so boring really, when all you had to think about was yourself and your lost love.

And suddenly it didn’t seem to matter any more, nothing would matter if she could turn over, turn over and see the stars, turn over and look once and die.

There was a lot of purple on the covers. Purple sold scary books better than any other color, Mike had been told.

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