if there is one thing we’ve learned from a lifetime of designing and analyzing incentives, the best way to get what you want is to treat other people with decency.

That is a lethal combination-cocky plus wrong-especially when a more prudent option exists: simply admit that the future is far less knowable than you think.

When you are consumed with the rightness or wrongness of a given issue-whether it’s fracking or gun control or genetically engineered food-it’s easy to lose track of what the issue actually is. A moral compass can convince you that all the answers are obvious (even when they’re not); that there is a bright line between right and wrong (when often there isn’t); and, worst, that you are certain you already know everything you need to know about a subject so you stop trying to learn more.

Congress passed legislation requiring a five-year mandatory sentence for selling just five grams of crack; you would have to sell 500 grams of powder cocaine to get an equivalent sentence. This disparity has often been called racist, since it disproportionately imprisons blacks.

In a medical study, it turned out that obstetricians in areas with declining birth rates are much more likely to perform cesarean-section deliveries than obstetricians in growing areas-suggesting that, when business is tough, doctors try to ring up more expensive procedures.

Desde 1985, los estados con altos índices de aborto han experimentado una caída de aproximadamente el 30% en el crimen respecto a los estados con bajo índice de abortos.

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