I’ve felt basically lucky ever since, almost every day of my life. That’s something else love should make you feel. It should make you fell fortunate.
It will be made clear to you in a stray gesture, the line of a throat. Something in the hands. There may or may not be any music playing. But there will be a certain velocity of the spirit, a sensation of dropping through clear space unimpeded, and you think, This is the one. I found you.

I think: I would like to take N back to a story right now, like a rake.
I would say, “Oh, this rake is uneven. Do you have any where the tines go straight across?”
I would like to do a straight exchange.
But there are things that cannot be returned. Errant husbands are one of them. Wives are not. Wives can be exchanged; I have always known this.

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