From a psychological perspective, no Christian construct in Luther’s time was as specifically therapeutic for obsessions and compulsions as that which he discovered. Only sola fide was able to completely relieve the agonizing sense of accountability that Luther felt for his salvation. It accomplished this by transferring responsibility to God.

…I realized how naive I was. My aunt Tina was right: this stuff does exist, and it does hurt people, and although there are lots of people at Liberty who condemn violence against gays–including Dr. Falwell himself–the number of students who want to give them the Goliath treatment isn’t zero. In fact, the number who live in my room isn’t zero.

This motivation was at work in both Christian and non-Christian circles. We know this because ancient authors actually tell us so. For example, a commentator on the writings of Aristotle, a pagan scholar named David, indicated: “If someone is uninfluential and unknown, yet wants his writing to be read, he writes in the name of someone who came before him and was influential, so that through his influence he can get his work accepted.

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