We can be reluctant to recognize how much of our culture was literary, particularly now that so many of the institutional purveyors of literature happily have joined in proclaiming its death. A substantial number of Americans who believe they worship God actually worship three major literary characters: the Yahweh of the J Writer (earliest author of Genesis, Exodus, Numbers), the Jesus of the Gospel of Mark, and Allah of the Koran.

Achievements take leaders’ name everywhere. Character keeps those names wherever they reach. A leader with no trust soon fades no matter how far he goes.

There are no ghosts among the living
The only real ghosts exist in our minds
So fear not the dead but the living
Because the living can harm but not their ghost

Have you ever seen a dead man risen?
Don’t you see that nobody comes from the grave?
It’s because the dead are nice to each other
Even the vilest repent, and are kind to their neighbors
Each one content with the land of their lying

Christ should leave us. He is too much with us and I don’t like his friends. We have no hope of recovering Christ until Christ leaves us. There is after all something worse than being God-forsaken. It is when God overstays his welcome and takes up with the wrong people.

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