He paused in the hallway, sniffing the air. He scowled, sniffed some more. He pressed an intercom button on the wall.
“Betty, I distinctly smell sewage. Could you get a plumber out here ASAP?”
Several curly hairs fluttered in the air after he was gone.
I clutched at the arm of the dentist chair.
“This isn’t a joke, Tub! I’m in trouble. We’re all in trouble, the whole town, the whole world! You have no clue. You have no idea what kind of things we’re dealing with here. There’s a whole land of —

Maggie wasn’t without her concerns, though. “What if he’s crazy?”

“Yeah, that’s a definite possibility,” he agreed.

“What if he’s not your type?”

“Then we’ll only hook up in dark places.

epithet, n.

I think the worst you ever called me was a “cunt rag.”
“You mean I’m a tampon?” I asked. “I’m a tampon for not letting you drive?”
I laughed. You didn’t. At least, not until you sobered up.

Taryn? Are you all right?” I nodded, pushing away the doubt. My fingers laced with his. “I’ve never been swept off my feet before. Sounds a little… terrifying.”
He laughed, and I drank in the sound. “Terrifying is not what I’m shooting for.” He kissed me, his lips caressing mine over and over until my pulse was thrumming, warming my whole body. He stared into my eyes. “Breathless maybe…

Bob, would you be willing to take on Evil Bob?”

Bob’s eyes darted nervously. “I’d . . . prefer not to. I’d really, really prefer not to. You have no idea. That me was crazy. And buff. He worked out.

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