When we’d gone to Disneyland, the tree house had been my favorite thing in the whole park. If only I’d had no parents watching my every move, if only I’d been a happy, carefree orphan, I’d have hidden under the player piano until everything closed, and then taken up residence there.

When you fail to tap into your wellsprings of inner strength due to
toxic habits, environments or people, you wind up feeling trapped, stranded and unhappy. You end up in soulless jobs, destructive relationships and empty friendships. Most of all, you
find yourself unsatisfied with who you are, and you often become your own worst enemy,perpetuating the cycles of pain, anger and fear within you – like I did

We need to move past the idea that a critical evaluation of our country’s past (and its present, for that matter) means we are anti-American or unpatriotic. We can be proud of our country and its many positive features and noble ideas while still pointing out where we as a nation have come up short or been plainly wrong.

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