And as a sign that everything was now all right in the world, she opened her mouth a fraction, and after arranging her sticky lips better around her old teeth, smacked them and settled down into a state of blissful rest. Levin watched these last movements of hers closely. ‘I’m just the same!’ he said to himself; ‘Just the same! Never mind… All is well.

Some artists benefit less from being interviewed than they do from being left alone.

There’s nothing as useful as the truth, in terms of ruining anyone’s day, week, month, year, decade, or life… Unless, of course, you own a remotely operated automatic flamethrower-drone-tower and have some marinated pork-chops on your person, to lure unsuspecting dogs in close proximity to it, but since dogs don’t really have lives – by using this specific method of torture, you can only improve the remaining few seconds of their existence.

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