I wasn’t thinking of marriage, just commitment.
I wasn’t thinking of forever, just reveling in now.
We don’t know yet how long we’re meant to be-
there are so many obstacles down the road.
But there is also possibility; the ring marks the realm of possibility.

Lastly and most importantly, I
bought a dozen new bras and twenty pairs of underwear. Having ripped my last two
really good ones to shreds during my change, I figured these were a good investment.
They probably wouldn’t last very long. I bit my lip and went back and got four more of
“Seriously, Grazi, what are you going to do with all those bras and panties? And you
really should consider a thong.

Sometimes we let them treat us badly because we yearn to feel loved and accepted so much that we are willing to do anything to get it. It’s very painful to realize that no matter how much you try, you feel like it, do not even want to accept you as you are. When they finally understand you, I regret all that time you’ve spent pleasing others and you wonder what that is so horrible in you that prevents them even pretend to want.

This is how Resistance disfigures love. The stew it creates is rich, it’s colorful; Tennessee Williams could work it up into a trilogy. But is it love? If we’re the supporting partner, shouldn’t we face our own failure to pursue our unlived life, rather than hitchhike on our spouse’s coattails? And if we’re the supported partner, shouldn’t we step out from the glow of our loved one’s adoration and instead encourage him to let his own light shine?

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