Niko? I have decided to christen this little pool Le Cagot’s Soul.”
“Yes. Because it is clear and pure and lucid.”
“And treacherous and dangerous?”
“You know, Niko, I begin to suspect that you are a man of prose. It is a blemish on you.”
“No one’s perfect.”
“Speak for yourself.

At the time no one really knew for sure that John Cropsey was more than the stuff of campfire stories. Not the townspeople, who saw their businesses wither and die with the bad publicity he brought. Not even the survivors of of his onslaught against Camp Beechwood. The only people who were certain that Cropsey was more than just the figment of a vivid imagination were the ones who would never share their secret knowledge: his victems.

Children with autism are constantly testing and pursuing truth. They are a bundle of contradictions. They love order and routine, yet often have the most amazingly inventive and creative minds. They may appear to follow rules, but are also the most likely people to come up with a revolutionary new idea. They feel emotion intensly, but often seem to struggle to read facial expressions.

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