God’s grace does not require a condition to abound. However to obtain the promises of his blessings, you have to strive for it, fight for it, work hard for it and insist upon it.

I’ll not have an exchange with an impudent fool.” [Oswald]
He’s not impudent,” said Jones [the puppet]. “With proper inspiration, the lad sports a woody as stout as a mooring pin. Ask your lady.”
I nodded in agreement with the puppet, for he is most wise for having a brain of sawdust.
Impudent! Impudent! Not impotent!” said Oswald, frothing a bit now.

During training, a lot of focus is placed on getting at a submissive’s emotional core. Submission is about truth, about revealing yourself. If you simply demand obedience without understanding a sub’s true motivations and needs, even if the sub obeys every command to the letter and every aspect of every scene, they’re just going through the motions, and so are you.

Motivate yourself, you can be great.

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