How does one say in the jargon of musicology that my sould was pulled out of me and thrown up in the air, to be tossed about by the music. How does one say that I breathed, that I existed, in harmony with the ups and downs of those notes. What kind of notes both elevate and cast down, exalt and crush?

Nearly all samurai practice Zen – it is the Way of Enlightenment.”
“Possibly the light of Zen is so strong that it has blinded me to its virtue.” Yoshitoki smiled.
“It is very good discipline for the mind, as the martial arts are for the body.” Kenmotsu looked very smug as he said this. “I do Zazen twice a week.”
“I think it will do no-one any harm, though personally I find it more pleasant to think than to empty my mind of thought.

But, that guy who quit also missed the real point. Good things come through grit and hard work, and all things worthwhile have a cost. In the case of the SAS, the cost was somewhere around a thousand barrels of sweat.

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