I find these comparisons particularly poignant: life versus death, hope versus fear. Space exploration and the highly mechanized destruction of people use similar technology and manufacturers, and similar human qualities of organization and daring. Can we not make the transition from automated aerospace killing to automated aerospace exploration of the solar system in which we live?

There are no ghosts among the living
The only real ghosts exist in our minds
So fear not the dead but the living
Because the living can harm but not their ghost

Have you ever seen a dead man risen?
Don’t you see that nobody comes from the grave?
It’s because the dead are nice to each other
Even the vilest repent, and are kind to their neighbors
Each one content with the land of their lying

…reading good books is like engaging in conversation with the most cultivated minds of past centuries who had composed them, or rather, taking part in a well-conducted dialogue in which such minds reveal to us only the best of their thoughts

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