The socializing hadn’t been so bad, he acknowledged, and he couldn’t say he minded the food, though a man would do better with a good beef sandwich. Still it was plentiful, even if you did have to pick your way through half of it to get to something recognizable.

She wanted to take a look at you, too. She heard you were a hunk.”
“Is that so?” Amused, Brian shifted. “Did you tell her that?”
“I certainly did not. I have more respect for you than to speak of you in such a sexist way.”
“Respect’s a good thing.” He yanked her into the box, crushing his mouth to hers before she could laugh. “But I’m banking on passion just at the moment. Have you passion for me, Keeley?” he murmured against her mouth.

Grant smiled-slowly, deliberately. Insolently? Gennie wasn’t sure, but her heart rose to her throat and stuck there. However he smiled, whatever his intent, it added a wicked, irresistible charm to his face. She thought it was a smile a barbarian might have given his woman before he tossed her over his shoulder and took her into some dark cave.

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