I didn’t want a story-a beginning. Not anymore. I have long ago stopped walking on a road where my dreams walk around. I change my destination a hundred times if I ever see an old wish of mine standing there in its real form. I don’t know them. I don’t want to. They too must not know me. They too must not recognise me as their owner.

I’m not good at games, Robert. Don’t kiss me unless it’s for read. Don’t come around unless you mean to stay.”

“Do you mean marriage?” he asked coolly, his expressive eyebrows lifting.

…”if you’re looking for a summer affair, I’m not your woman.”

His mouth twisted as an unreadable expression crossed his face. “Oh, but you are. You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.

You could run, and I could stay to fend them off,” the vampire offered. “For some reason, I feel amazingly refreshed.” He swung an amused look at Declan that made him grind his teeth. “And it seems I’m quite handy against them.”–
–Natalya tossed away her busted TEP-C. “So, Lothaire, you’re going to fight them out of the blackness of your heart?

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