Stop him, stop this, she commanded herself. Reason floated away; she wanted him. If he walked away now, she might disintegrate into a pile of frustration as fragile as the leaves crumbling under foot.
His lips touched hers, shooting electric shock waves rippling to her toes. Then he claimed her with a torrid kiss. Passion welled up from her core, overpowering all thought except her desires.

Do you ever got this feeling of being too small?

That kind of size that can make you almost disappear.

And everything around is so big, giant… that you don’t even get overwhelmed, because you are too small to even see it.

Like the whole universe, is so big that we can’t even imagine how small we really are.

Yes, exactly, that kind of size, or even smaller…
That is the size I wanna feel right now.

If you want the most beautiful fish in the sea, make sure you have the most appealing bait.

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