In that day an educated rich man was acceptable. He might send his sons to college without comment, might wear a vest and white shirt and tie in the daytime of a weekday, might wear gloves and keep his nails clean. And since the lives and practices of rich men were mysterious, who knows what they could use or not use? But a poor man–what need had he for poetry or for painting or for music not fit for singing or dancing?

Colonel Cargill was so awful a marketing executive that his services were much sought after by firms eager to establish losses for tax purposes. Throughout the civilized world, from Battery Park to Fulton Street, he was known as a dependable man for a fast tax write-off. His prices were high, for failure often did not come easily.

Never complain, proclaim positive-words.
Then, you will possess the divine grace for a change situation.

Je suis sans pitié ! Je suis sans pitié ! Plus les vers se tordent, plus grande est mon envie de leur écraser les entrailles ! C’est comme une rage de dent morale, et je broie avec d’autant plus d’énergie que la douleur est plus vive.

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