Marla poked Duncan. He stepped forward. “Maybe I can help.”
Atomic Jack looked at him., his eyes glowed a sickening shade of radioactive orange. “I really don’t see how.” He slipped off his glove and his hand burst into small flames. The guy didn’t yell though, or make out like he was in pain. He just grinned and showed a mouthful of orange teeth.

I used to cry when I thought of living the rest of this life alone. Tears would fill my eyes while my heart would yearn. But now I feel empowerment in that acceptance. Power in knowing it is up to me to be happy ever after. I will not wait for him. After all, this awakening has just begun, it is going to take a man at the same point on the path I am. If I am going to fall allowing my spirit to completely melt into his manly grace, it is necessary he be awake.

They were your friends?”
“Yes, they were my friends.”
“And they will leave you to suffer alone?”
“Now I see it.”
“And until this, were they friends you could trust?”
“I could trust them.”
“I see what you mean. You mean they were the kind of friends that a good man could choose, upright, hard-working, obeying the law?
Tell me, were they such friends?
And now they leave you alone?
Did you not see it before?”
“I saw it.

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