People often compare
depression to drowning.

That is not even close.

Consider sitting in a dark room
scared and confused-
Choking on something you
know nothing about,
For reasons you cannot comprehend.

That is depression.

When you are drowning,
you can still flail your arms,
call for help, and try your best
to keep afloat.

In depression, you do nothing.
Absolutely nothing.

They were wrong about the sun.
It does not go down into
the underworld at night.
The sun leaves merely
and the underworld emerges.
It can happen at any moment.

It can happen in the morning,
you in the kitchen going through
your mild routines.
Plate, cup, knife.
All at once there’s no blue, no green,
no warning.

Grant us peace
of our unnatural sins,
that sweet release
as death begins.
For a lease on life
by “devouring” others
is full of great strife
making “meat” of another…
With blood of the innocent
dripping down across my mind,
my eyes red luminescent
thinking of a past left behind.
Of the friends I had made
and those I let down
yet now I am afraid
of finally shutting down.
Yet I know deep inside
this is how it has to be,
for humans to make stride
you have to kill me…

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