A word so difficult to pronounce because it is so difficult to wait or to be patient. But no matter how someone is behaving, appreciate the grace you have for God to give you people that will build that character in you!! It isn’t easy but for the Christ like being, it is joy overwhelming. Thank and praise God for every situations that require you to be patient. God bless you.

I step outside, easy at first… there is noise; I don’t hear it. There are people; I don’t see them… I see the water; I am alongside it. There is a big hill; I conquer it. A mile of grass; I fly across it. With each step I am stronger, and then faster. My body engages; I am really flying; I am one with the road, but I no longer feel it. With every step forward I am faster and freer. Nothing can touch me; no one can find me. What I find is the truth. I find myself… I am a runner.

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