I had a dream about you last night. Eons ago, we created a Universe, then sat back and watched miniature versions of ourselves try to make all the same mistakes we did.

There is only one solitude, and it is great and is not easy to bear, and to almost everyone there come hours when they would gladly exchange it for some kind of communion, however banal and cheap, for the appearance of some slight harmony with the most easily available, with the most undeserving… . But perhaps those are just the hours when solitude grows; for its growing is painful like the growing of boys and sad like the beginning of Spring.

Dogbert to Dilbert
“My invention can detect human stupidity. It has a very simple interface. All I do is point it at people.”
“Then what does it do?”
“Why would it need to do anything else?

You may abuse your energy when you do not know what it is meant to help you carry. An undiscovered self is an easy way to rob the world of leadership impacts.

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