When one tunes in into nature’s frequency, life becomes change, change becomes hope!

I wondered what a man I had encountered the day before on the plane en route to Chicago’s O’Hare airport would have made of this. As he tried to push through a crowded aisle, he said loudly: “Life is never easy. And it’s never pleasant.” I couldn’t let this go. I looked up at him from my seat and said, “I do hope life gives you cause to change that opinion. Otherwise you may find that opinion walking ahead of you, giving you more and more reasons to believe it.

If you dont love somebody, it gets annoying if they tell you what to do or what to feel. When you love them, you get pleasure from their pleasure nad it makes it easy to serve. I didnt love God because i didnt know God. universe is not effected by time. Light exists outside of time.. It is still a mystery to physicists.

On the subject of who is to blame for our disunity – “The easy conclusion- that
the devil is at work trying to destroy the church- is true, but it’s not the whole story. Of
course the enemy is at work doing that. But closer examination shows that much of
the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the church itself-on believers in god-and
how our own devilish deeds have alienated other followers of God. Sadly, we’ve done
the devil’s work for him.

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