When your success hovers from one person to the other, it will definitely get to someone who will regard it as failure.

So how did you get this job, anyway?’ I asked.
‘My science teacher.’
‘Why’d he pick you?’
‘For my brains and good looks, obviously.’
‘Yeah, right. My social studies teacher picked me, but I can’t really figure out why.”
‘For your brains and good looks, obviously.’
‘Um, thanks.’ Had Aaron just complimented me? Wow.

If pride really went before a fall, then, Lucifer is the inventor of pride.

I can cross the boundless ocean just to save you, I cannot eat or sleep without you, I can take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. All these are fake and absurd promises; Be sincere, walk up to your lover and say, honestly, darling, i can only do the best i can for you.