Focus on your objectives and base your decisions on a moral foundation.

If your friends don’t support you, then divorce them. Get married to your dreams. Ten years from today, what they said about you will not matter. What you did with your time ultimately will.

Life will throw you curve balls, learn how to read the pitch.

Happiness is an accident of nature, a beautiful and flawless aberration, like an albino. LIke the albino it has no protective coloration. White. That is the color. Those placid, untroubled winter months are different shades of white in my memory, unsullied, and pure. But nature in the temperate zones is bitter towards all things white.

If you’re a businessman or woman, you must go where the opportunities are. You can’t flock, there must be a balance but don’t lose your focus.

When you start from the bottom, there will be a host of people so used to you being there, they won’t want you to grow. Some naive people still call them “friends.

Friends don’t compete with one another. Learn to share in each another’s joy.

The next time your in a conversation and you hear a so called “friend” of yours downing someone they associate with on a regular basis, reply, “Wow, the crazy part is this person thinks your their friend.

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