Therefore let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers’ (Rom 13.1). The Christian must not be drawn to the bearers of high office; his calling is to stay below. The higher power are over him, and he must remain under them. The world exercises dominion, the Christian serves, and thus he shares the earthly lot of his Lord, who became a servant. ‘For there is no power but of God.’ (Mark 10.42-45) These words are addressed to the Christians, not to the powers.

I am fighting to stay alive not because I fear death, but because I love life.

I believe in kindness and karma-which could make me a Buddhist. I believe in mystic healing and crystals’ powers-which could make me a witch. I believe in truth, honor, and forgiveness-which could make me a Christian. I even believe in the existence of past lives and that each and every one of us is watched over by guides from the other side-which, to some, would make me totally woo-woo squared.

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