If your friends don’t support you, then divorce them. Get married to your dreams. Ten years from today, what they said about you will not matter. What you did with your time ultimately will.

Well, that was the clerk class for you. They might be completely without culture, but they certainly knew how to make themselves comfortable.

The radical implication of the expansion of higher education has been disguised by a myth which dubs all educated working class people as middle class. By definition working class people are not intelligent, so if you’ve got a degree you must be middle class. This nonsense is reinforced by the fact that acedemic traditions are laden with class assumptions and are presented in upper class styles even in the Polytechnics.

Life will throw you curve balls, learn how to read the pitch.

SQUATS, Clementine! And don’t stop until class is over. You legs look like they’d snap under the weight of a sack of flour. How do you walk around on those things?”
“I don’t know, Professor. One foot in front of the other, I guess.

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