I mean– no offense, Leonard, but you really don’t like to climb ropes, and get into the Marine Corps, and kill your countriy’s enemies, do you?”

I said that it wasn’t one of the big goals of my life.

“Well, maybe you’d like me to get you into this corrective gym class, where you can study toe dancing, and grow up to be a little Commie, sissy boy,” Mr. Jerris said.

I told him I would like that just fine…

My last penny! I think I’ll squander it on myself. I never feel badly about spending money my dad has earned honestly! I can’t decide whether I should buy a balloon or a gumball. A gumball would taste mighty good, but a balloon would be a lot more fun… I’ll take a balloon! Sooner or later in life a person has to learn to make decisions! (Sees someone with a different color balloon) Gee, I wish I’d bought a RED balloon.

Revolutionaries do not only have different ideas (or even actions) from pseudo-revolutionaries. What they are is different, and the way they act is. They do not try to enrol people in order to represent them and be a power in their name … Their action is never an attempt to organise others, only to express their own subversive response to the world.

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