To be a seed in a world, is to remain safe almost unharmed living within a shell to protect you from the exterior world, what a risk it was to chose to bud and prosper into a little sprout unaware of what you will become, yet fearlessly ready to trust the process along the way.

Happiness gives you the freedom to enhance your ability to achieve success. Your choices in life are a direct reflection of your level of happiness. It’s the sunshine for your soul that you need in order to grow

I have died at the ripe age of twenty.
Smile, for the world didn’t get a chance to disappoint me.

I have died at the mature age of ninety.
Smile, for my life was more than satisfying.

I have died suddenly-out of the blue.
Smile, for I didn’t have to fall ill before you.

I have died from a long illness.
Smile, for I had the chance to say goodbye.

I did not want to leave this Earth.
But smile, for I am still here among you.

Why are you crying?
Can you not see I am smiling?

Vita ya dhambi hupiganwa katika uwanja wa akili na katika uwanja wa mwili kati ya Shetani na Mungu. Hutumia silaha kuu ya uongo na silaha kuu ya ukweli. Mungu anataka tuujue ukweli. Shetani anataka tuujue uongo. Kushinda vita ya dhambi huna budi kutumia neno la Mungu, kama Yesu alivyolitumia kumshinda Shetani wakati akijaribiwa katika Mlima wa Majaribu wa Jangwa la Yuda.

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