He leaned back in his seat throwing his hands behind his head; sort of an open offer for the entire bar to get a good look at what he was working with and it was quite impressive. God why did he have to have tattoos? Or the killer smile he was so blatantly using as foreplay. And since when did smiling at a girl count as foreplay? I wasn’t sure but I guess Carter was the one living man capable of this.

Introduction to Amanda. – The equal measure of fear and desire her double-barrelled bust induced was plain to see. It might have been a mundane observation but it was something of an epiphany to Amanda just what it meant to be the only person in the room wearing a bra.

Well,” I said clearing my throat at the uncomfortable stare-down competition between the two of us. “I’ve got to be heading out. See ya tomorrow, Judge.”

“Not so fast,” he bit out, grasping a firm hold on my wrist. I gasped at the contact, because this time it felt more intimate, almost inviting. “I’m not done with you yet, Miss Davis.

He handed the dust pan and brush over. I knew they wouldn’t be much use in cleaning the floor. I also knew the real reason he had given them to me: so he could look furtively at me, as I bent over.

That idea turned me on.

I welcomed it, and decided to give him a good look at what he wanted.

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