Oh no! Akri-Nicky! You okay? The Simi didn’t know it was her favorite blue-eyed demon boy when she hit him so hard so as to protect his precious akra-mama. Oh no! You still living and breathing and not broken? ‘Cause if you not, can the Simi eat your dead, meaty remains? Please, please, please? Maybe some of them bones, too, ’cause the marrow can be quite tasty in its own right.” Simi.

I’d say,” the Ranger answered after a few seconds’ deliberation, “that he’ll be heading south now that he has the chance. Back into Araluen.”
“How do you know that?” Horace asked. He was always impressed at the two Rangers’ ability to read a situation and come up with the correct answer to a problem. Sometimes, he thought, they almost seemed to have divine guidance.
“I’m guessing,” Halt told him.

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