Got plans for the rest of the day?”

I looked back at him and my heart just stopped. Then it just started again thudding erratically. What the hell does that mean? I feel like I’m having a heart attack.

“No plans,” I whispered. Test drive your mattress? Let me pretend to be a Skittle and you can taste my rainbow? Fifty Shades me? Please! Oh, holy horror, I’m freaking losing it.

Caroline stamped her foot in frustration, but when it landed, it landed on something considerably
less flat than the floor.
“Owww!” he yelled.
Oh! His foot!Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry , she mouthed.I didn’t mean it.
“If you think I can understand that,” he growled, “you’re crazier than I’d originally thought.

The first time they’d met, in this very pub, he’d hit on her using so little finesse, she’d been forced to ask if he was kidding. Granted, they’d both had a few too many drinks that night, but nothing excused the line, “I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.

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