Why not break free now, and make Bingtown a place where folk begin anew, all men standing on an equal footing?”
“And all women, too.”
She must be Sparse’s daughter, thought Keffria. Even her voice echoed his in tone. Devouchet looked at her in surprise.
“It was but a manner of speaking, Ekke,” he said mildly.
“A manner of speaking becomes a manner of thinking.

You are unjust to women in England. And till you count what is a a shame in a woman to be an infamy in a man, you will always be unjust, and Right, that pillar of fire, and Wrong, that pillar of cloud, will be made dim to your eyes, or be not seen at all, or if seen, not regarded.

In order to approximate those shapes and attitudes which are considered normal and desirable, both sexes deform themselves, justifying the process by referring to the primary, genetic difference between the sexes. But of forty-eight chromosomes only one is different: on this difference we base a complete separation of male and female, pretending as it were that all forty-eight were different.

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