How would Elijah ever understand a life that is dark more than light? Or a shadow of someone who follows her around, and when she least expects it, taps her on the back and asks, where are you going, Seraphina?

Do not fear the ghosts in this house; they
are the least of your worries.
Personally I find the noises they make reassuring,
The creaks and footsteps in the night,
their little tricks of hiding things,
or moving them, I find
endearing, not upsettling. It makes the place
feel so much more like a home.

…most words for ghost are pieces of mica that carefully layered
will make a window out of fire. It’s cold and the faces at the window

do what faces usually do they open onto a genetic history
that looks up suddenly and it’s the eyes everyone says you can’t say that’s not alive

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