You turn the lights on and off here and if you can’t sleep and want something to read there are books in the living room…

He lived like a devil and died like a saint. Life is paradoxical, but I believe that I could also be the person I am today, if life would have cut me with happiness, instead of pain. I would be the same. I didn’t need the pain to grow, or be who I really am inside of me. Because life, life cuts you like a precious stone and shows the brilliance of your essence…but maybe we can learn also with joy and happiness, and turn into the same persons, just happier. We don’t need pain to learn

Still onto This Day, I Dawdle to Be Plagued With The Same Unfortunate Reoccurring Nightmare.

In My Horrifying Dream, there is an Attractive Women With Piercing Blue Eyes And Light Brownish Hair, Sporting A Lengthy Red Dress With Extended Dark Black Heals Who Kills Me On Christmas Day.

In My Dream I am Listening to A Christmas Song… “Jingle Bells

If You Are Not Getting Any Kind of Negative Feedback, Than You Probably Are Not Working Hard Enough.

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