Whatever thought grips the mind at the time of death is the one which will propel it and decide for it the nature of its future birth. Thus if one wants to attain god after death, one has to think of him steadfastly… This is not as simple as it sounds, for at the time of death the mind automatically flies to the thought of an object (i.e. money, love) which has possessed it during its sojourn in the world. Thus one must think of god constantly.

All the variety of species of life created be,
By combination of three basic material energy;
– 45 –
These Guna modus operandi of material energy,
They are called tamo, rajo and sattva clearly;
– 46 –
Tamo-guna associated with inertia, ignorance be,
The rajo-guna associated with passion, activity;
– 47 –
Sattva-guna associated with goodness, harmony,
And all three of them associated with thinking truly.
– 48 –

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