Let’s Run in the circle, opposite to each other. Until we are thrown into the sky by the storm swirling in between us. I’ll hold your hands and I’ll hug you, let me be your wings. Let’s fall on that clouds and let’s dance on the rainbow. Let’s bore a hole in that sky until we fall back to the sea with the rain. And Let’s swim back to the shore, to play the game of circle again.

I throw my arms around her without even thinking first, the way I used to with Daddy when he came home from a trip. “Thank you,” I say into her waist. Her clothes smell so good. I feel her hand resting on my head, and for that second I feel like nothing could ever go wrong. Not when there’s Miss Mary to hug.

Wrap me in your hug..
make me feel happy!
Hold me tight and close..
not like a pillow or a teddy!!
My heart needs you..
for you touched my soul,
believe me things shall go fine.
Walk me to my Dreams..
and take me to divine!!
My life is yours forever..
O girl, O girl, O.. O.. girl.. you be mine.
Let the hearts embrace..
Sugar you be my.. Valentine.
Just be mine..
O O.. my Valentine!

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